• Subject Weeks 2021
  • Hindi Week
  • Punjabi Week
  • Maths Week
  • IT Week
  • English Week
  • Social Science Week
  • Science Week

Subject Weeks 2021

Each subject week is a two-fold event. Initially all the students of a class participate in an intra section activity, thereafter BEST performing student/group of each section competes in the final activity. The objective is 100% participation of the learners which boosts their confidence and enhances learning.

Fun for the participants
Focused on quality science outcomes
Supportive of curriculum
Encourages the participants to learn
Raise the general profile of subject within the community

Punjabi Week


Students of JKPS celebrate Punjabi Week every year. Our main aim is to promote the Punjabi language and Punjabi culture among our students. This year too the students actively participated in it. The virtual presentation was a novelty for the students and the teachers. They participated in varied activities covering a wide range of cultural, religious and literary themes that concluded successfully.

Punjabi Week activities of Session 2022

Maths Week


To commemorate the birth anniversary of Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan and to increase the interest of students in Mathematics, JKPs organized Maths Week from 27 Dec 2021 to 29 Dec 2021. Interactive Mathematics activities were conducted in classes IV-X. Students showed enormous participation and enjoyed the activities.

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Maths Week activities of Session 2021

IT Week

IT Week Schedule from 24-28 July 2023


The IT department conducted online IT Week for students of classes IV to X from JULY 26 to July 30, 2023 during their classroom time. The weekly activity session started with lot of zeal and enthusiasm. The students were geared up and were looking forward for various activities that educate, brighten and enlighten the young brilliant minds. They used this as an opportunity to express practically their learning in the field of IT and put forward their best creative ideas with a new feel. The activities were based on creative activities spread over various class.

Detailed Report on IT Week

English Week


The English week was initiated with much fanfare like the preceding years heralding a new era of E-learning. Classes IV to XI enthusiastically participated in various activities like Poetry recitation, story writing, Ad mad, Extempore, Just a minute, Spin a yarn, poster making, Itinerary making, Mock Parliament for class 11 and many more.
The prime objective of these activities was to sharpen the LSRW skills of the learners and to enhance their extrapolative thinking skills, language proficiency and providing a good training ground for developing communication skills. Through a gamut of channelizing and out-of-the-ordinary activities, the teachers could kindle the fire of participation among the students. These activities also gave an exposure to the students boosting their confidence. The students of class IV recited poetry. Word Search and Book Wizard Quiz on Google sheet which was indeed a joyful activity. Character Dramatization presented by the students of class V proved to be icing on the cake.
Parents were excited to see their children performing LIVE on Zoom platform. The learners enjoyed the week to the fullest and gained a lot of knowledge. The gaiety and excitement displayed by the students was the ultimate reward for the facilitators.

Detailed report on english week activity activity 2022
Detailed report on english week activity 2021

Science Week

JKPS organised the science week from 11th to 15th January 2021..Students of classes 4 to 9 participated in it. The objective of the science week was not only inculcate scientific attitude and research mindedness but also create interest in science. Class wise different activities were organized online in the week.. Students were excited to conduct the activities assigned to them. The students of class 5 participated in Pamphlet Making Competition on the theme-Go green to breathe clean.
The students of class 6 participated in Elocution Competition on the theme: Renewable energy for sustainable development. All the students eagerly participated in the competition.
To develop scientific temper, students of class 7 participated in an activity ; To prepare a simple model of Anemometer. Students came forward to take part in the activity with a lot of vigour and enthusiasm. They acquired understanding of scientific concepts, principles and laws.
Human body : a wonderful machine was the theme for the activity for class 4 students in which students presented the different human organs in fancy dress. The students of class 8 participated in an activity to do Water audit at home:. They presented their observations in a tabulated Report .. The students came to know how much water is wasted at home for various chores and the ways by which this wastage can be minimised.
The students of class 9 made a power point presentation on Pollution in Delhi.They highlighted the causes,effects and solutions to the pollution in Delhi.
The students participated in all the activities with a lot of enthusiasm and exhibited marvellous talent and creativity.

Compiled Report of Science Week