Our Inspiration

Bhai Sahib Ditta Mal Ji

Founder - Jaspal Kaur Public School

Darshan Singh Ji

Founder Chairman - Jaspal Kaur Public School

Jaspal Kaur Ji


Bhai Sahib Ditta Mal Ji, Founder - Jaspal Kaur Public School, who with unstinting devotion and undying fidelity did his utmost for the cause of the suffering humanity. In memory of his dear grand-daughter he set up Jaspal Kaur Public School, to bring forth generations of educated youngsters who would be inculcated with virtue of honesty, discipline, patience, justice and fortitude.

The founder Chairman, Sardar Darshan Singh Ji, fondly addressed as 'Daddy Ji' was a God-fearing philanthropist. He was a symbol of simplicity, sincerity and selflessness-‘ Benevolence and Compassion' personified. His contribution in shaping Jaspal Kaur Public School, as it stands firmly today, cannot be measured. He was an epitome of unswerving devotion to duty.

JKPS is a standing monument to their vision and ceaseless efforts in creating a cradle for the citizens of tomorrow. They were a fatherly figure, who were not only a source of inspiration for all but were a guide, a counsellor and a mentor with a missionary zeal.