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No. 1 Ranking for Social Engagement

No. 1 Ranking for Social Engagement Award by The Education Today

Parameters of Excellence- Community Outreach

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EW India School Rankings

Education World India School Rankings 2022-23

Parameters of Excellence- Community Outreach

National Rank- 10th

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Walk for Life(A CanSupport initiative) Award

Education World-Social Impact Award



Education of World Ranking


The consistent and dedicated efforts of the teachers and management of Jaspal Kaur Public School have paid rich dividends. As certified by the Centre for Forecasting & Research [C-FORE ] Survey on 14 parameters of education excellence including faculty competence, academic reputation , infrastructure, community service outreach etc.-The annual education world India School Rankings [EWISR] declares JKPS on 41th rank at state level, on 26th rank at city level & on 7 th rank at Delhi North level with a total score of-[1109/1500].


International School Award (2019-2022) - British Council

The school is proud to announce the winning of International School Award for the third time in a row i.e. (2013-16), (2016-19) and (2019-22). The school had conducted a plethora of activities (both in-house and collaborative) as an endeavour to acquire and manifest the international dimension in the overall school curriculum and ethos. It is a great achievement for the school that strives to maintain a global outlook and international perspective as a part of its curriculum. The whole concept of being a part of ISA has developed critical thinking about global issues in our students and thus helped them to become a part of the globally aware and responsible society. As a part of the ISA action plan, the school planned and executed seven different projects for students of different age groups from Preschool to Class XII. The school secured full marks i.e. 49/49 for meeting all the standards of international dimensions. The students were involved in a collaborative curriculum- based work and year round activities based on international framework. We are extremely proud of this award as during the process of accreditation, the exposure provided to the children, not only widened their spectrum of learning but also developed their global outlook and gave each one of them a remarkable sense of achievement.

Community Service Ranking


Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance. So, JKPS fraternity is proud to announce the honour of bagging lllrd RANK AT NATIONAL LEVEL IN COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAMME (As per Education World Magazine C-Fore Survey).
Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference.

We can't heal the world today,
But we can begin with the voice of compassion, a heart of love and an act of kindness!



Sports, at JKPS, are integral to a comprehensive educational program and can contribute substantially to the learning experience of all students. Therefore, each Jaspalian who elects to participate in a sport is encouraged to develop his/her skills to the greatest extent possible, regardless of his beginning skills or abilities. Aspects of health education at JKPS look at growing up, personal body safety, and emotional health, addressing social and emotional challenges and focuses on identity, social pressure, stress management, and physical and emotional wellness. While there is emphasis on sport-specific skill development, an equally important component of our school is to instil invaluable life skills such as collaboration, communication, sportsmanship, time management Through risk-taking and experiences on a team, our children learn to be more resilient, self-aware, manage their emotions, confident, strong-willed, respectful, socially aware and compassionate leaders of our community. This would further help with an interesting shift in the mindset of the parents, as now they have also become more aware. The field is a place of transformation and the centre of all activities. In addition to physical development, it is here that they learn to become performers, achievers, decision makers and leaders. Having said the above, most certainly we all can further vouch for the fact that, achievers in this field are considered daring, driven by passion, and they are admired, applauded and followed. Through interscholastic sports, an opportunity is provided for students in school to achieve well beyond the levels expected in the physical education classes. Participation in such activities provides experiences which are designed to fit harmoniously into the overall educational program. Health education is comprehensive in scope and covers a range of topics in a developmentally sensitive manner for each child. So, realising its importance, here at JKPS, we have woken up and started taking direction in a way such that children are able to appreciate and understand the significance of physical education.