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Virtual Hobby Clubs

Morning Hobby Clubs

Morning Clubs functional in school

In our endeavour to provide holistic education to our students, they are encouraged to participate in a number of co-curricular activities of which CLUBS are an integral part.
They provide experiential learning for young people, giving them ample opportunity to explore their skills and develop their multi-talented persona.

Evening Hobby Clubs

During this pandemic, to ensure that the students do not miss out on a wholesome learning experience and to provide a constructive utilisation of their available time, evening hobby clubs are in progress. These help in engaging the students as well as their parents in a number of fun-learning activities to keep their minds and spirits active.
Evening clubs have also started for Primary classes 1, 2,3.The children's response is overwhelming and they participate in these activities enthusiastically

Regular Clubs

Clubs and Co-curricular activities render an opportunity to correlate academic skills with the real world context. Featured & creative curriculum facilitates children to learn better social skills, critical thinking & teamwork. These clubs open a whole new world to the students and exciting opportunities that they wouldn't have access to otherwise. They can increase their ability to be creative and innovative thinkers. They can be more productive members of society. SPORTS CLUB Sports and fitness are very vital part in a student's overall holistic growth. Jaspal Kaur Public School ensures that the students get abundant opportunities and physical training in this field. The institute provides the students with morning coaching facilities of Basketball, Judo and Skating carried out by professional coaches. Other than these, a mandatory yoga and aerobics sessions are held in order to keep the students fit and healthy.

Good deeds, manners and etiquette club

A single pint can save three lives; a single gesture can create million smiles. Keeping the vision of our honourable Chairman Sardar Surjit Singh Ji, we at J.K.P.S. have introduced Good deeds, manners and etiquette club on every working Saturday for classes 4 and 5. This club includes the instilling of values among the Jaspalians. Students prepare handkerchiefs (block printing) for the Old Age Homes. They also wrap gifts for the dear Vivekananda Paathshala students of the school. The gifts are then given to the destitute on their birthdays. More such activities are organised to inculcate affection among the Jaspalians. The Manners and Etiquette club includes the teaching of table manners which are pivotal in day to day life. Students pen down the important points for their future reference. FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB Opportunities await only those who communicate effectively in this competitive world. To give an extra edge to our students, the school introduced Foreign Language Classes organised by World Languages Centre (WLC), Pitampura. These classes are conducted within school premises on every Tuesday and Friday. The trainers use fun learning action packed activities as well as scientific teaching methodology to help students attain proficiency. The students are prepared for International Diploma (DELF/DELE) awarded by Ministry of Education of France/Spain respectively. Native sessions conducted by Foreign Faculty are organised to help the students understand the respective cultures, nuances and to practice the perfect pronunciation and accent. The objective behind introducing these languages is that along with the values inculcated by the school and good education given, our students would be fit to become good global citizens.


The main objective of this club is to inculcate the reading habit and respect for books. To inspire the creative spirit within students for becoming budding writers of the future. Students of the Literary Club are actively and enthusiastically engaged in various creative activities like making Book Marks, Book Jackets, composing and writing short stories, narrating poems etc. Using various craft materials, they make beautiful Christmas cards with personalised messages. Self-composed story narration and dramatization, a very engaging and energetic activity where the children beautifully tell their stories with voice modulation and intonation. They develop an interest in reading books and especially how to take care of them.


To provide a holistic learning experience for the students, the eco-club of JKPS strives to make the eco-club activities as vibrant and effective as possible through initiatives which have a tangible impact .These activities imbibe the values of care and belongingness for the nature and eco system in the student community, to become better citizens of the planet earth. The various activities conducted were an anti-cracker drive before Diwali, Tree plantation drive outside the school, making the school a zero-plastic zone, exhibition on ROBOTRONICS CLUB* Jaspal Kaur Public school organises ROBOTRONICS CLUB activities every year, for the students of Classes 1 to 8. The club's activities are undertaken by the company AVISHKAR BOX. The company deputes its instructor for training & teaching purpose. Sessions are conducted in the school premises on Tuesdays during stay back time from 2pm to 3pm. The sessions are held from August to January usually. Every studentmember of the Club is provided with a kit which contains different tools and equipments required for making robots and other technical gadgets. There are three courses offered by the club which caters to the students of different age groups. 1. ROBBY and BUNNY for the students of classes 1 to 3 2. Basic/ level 1 course for higher classes 3. Level 2 course includes programming of robots. Students of ROBOTRONIC CLUB get an opportunity to participate in Robotronics Exhibition every year during the Annual Day of JKPS.


Vedic Mathematics is the name given to the ancient system of Mathematics which was re-discovered from the vedas between 1911 and 1918 by Bharati Krishna Tirthaji. It is a collection of Sutras or word-formulae, to solve mathematical arithmetic in easy and faster way. These formulae describe the way the mind works naturally and are therefore a great help in directing the students to the appropriate solution. It makes Mathematics easy, enjoyable and encourages innovation. It helps build more confident & competent child along with strong aptitude. Viewing all these benefits and keeping the interest of learners in mind, JKPS organized Vedic Maths classes in association with AVAS, for students of classes V TO VIII in the academic session 2019-2020. The classes were conducted on every working Saturday for 1 hour each in 3 batches. 1) Class V 2) Class VI 3) Classes VII and VIII The programme was conducted in 2 levels; each level consisted of 10 periods. At the end of each level, exam was conducted and certificates were given to students. Medals were also given to meritorious students.It helped our students to increase their speed and accuracy. Jaspalians enjoyed a lot during these classes.


Abacus is a century old tool, used for calculation. As we all know Mathematics is exercise of brain, Abacus helps in whole brain development of the students. It helps students to activate their both Right and Left hemispheres of brain simultaneously. For the betterment of students, Jkps organized Abacus classes in association with UCMAS for students of classes IV to VI in the academic session 2019-2020. The classes were conducted on every Tuesday and Friday during the stay back time for 1 hour each. The programme was conducted in 2 levels, each level consisted of 22 periods. At the end of each level, exam was conducted and students were rewarded with the certificates. On one hand, it helped students to increase their speed, accuracy and concentration level, and on the other hand it helped them to improve their visualization and listening skills too. It helped them to overcome the fear of calculation, thereby improving their confidence level.


TECHEEZ, the Jaspalian's computer club came into existence in 2008. TECHEEZ, a group of computer enthusiasts at Jaspal Kaur Public School, was formed to enhance and encourage students' potential in the field of computers. TECHEEZ Club's tagline states "MAKE IT HAPPEN ", as it gives the students full support in Making IMPOSSIBLE - POSSIBLE. we believe in team spirit. TECHEEZ club gives budding techno freaks exposure to upcoming technologies and IT Trends. For the past twelve years TECHEEZ club has been helping students to achieve greater heights in the techno world. Our students have made us proud by securing seats in top technical institutes and securing a bright future. TECHEEZ members have been actively involved in activities like web design and development, audio-video editing, graphic design, Audio Visual and 3-D design, app development, game development, programming, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics and competitive Programming and also video making that help to convey valuable messages on social issues. TECHEEZ is pleased to share with you the link of our Technical Website and e-magazine DOT MATRIX's third iteration(Annual Technical e-Magazine) http://jkps.org/techeez/ DOT MATRIX Vol.1 was released in year 2017 with the team effort of the Techeez clan. The Magazine consists of articles detailing about the latest tech around and also has a few words of guidance by the educators of the school.