"Shubh Karman Tey Kabhoo Na Taron"

The school crest bears the school motto "Shubh Karman Tey Kabhoo Na Taron", the inspiring resolution of Guru Gobind Singh Ji exhorting our students on to strong holds of fortitude, patience, dignity and integrity, in the face of all adversities. The burning flame epitomizes the child's quest for constant learning in this vast mysterious world. The open book is for the kingdom, ever welcoming the interested into foraying into its depths. The gold outlines of the Shield denote the best and highest form of purity, while the maroon enforces the love, care and comfort which it affords. The background is surfaced with the deep blue of the sea urging the Jaspalians to delve deeper and discover one's true self and manifest the spirit of a successful Jaspalian.