"Exercises not only change your body, it changes your mind, your attitude, your mood."

Life is a process of constant evolution, growth, and development in the face of ups and downs. An individual must face all challenges and cross all hurdles that life springs with a spirit of a champion, and welcome all failures as life lessons with the spirit of a sportsman. Undoubtedly, it is sports that teach us so much and thus is an integral part of the learning curve at JKPS.
At J.K.P.S., our students are encouraged to actively pursue a sport of their liking and explore their full potential in the area. Each student is provided with an opportunity to gain practical knowledge of the 21 st -century learning skills viz. collaboration, teamwork, communication, critical thinking, etc. while working as a team or an individual at the playground. No learning better than practical learning!
In addition to somatic learning, sports also help a student strengthen the body and mind, and improve one's motor skills which are much needed for the emotional development and strengthening of one's personality. It helps a student shape their individuality and develop a persona which is unique and distinctly portrays their inner belief system. Thus, it is not surprising to note that many successful people actively pursue a sport of their liking. Sports help individuals become achievers, decision-makers, and leaders of tomorrow in addition to having a myriad of health benefits.
In a world that is fast evolving and moving towards an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, it is imperative that pursuing a sport is made an active part of a child's routine, right from school. This is the spirit which JKPS imbibes in its students to shape them not only as successful and responsible citizens, but also healthy and fit contributors to society.