Mrs. Asha Saran Srivastava

Principal, Jaspal Kaur Public School.

From the Principal's Desk

"By Education, I mean an All-Round Drawing of the Best in Child and Man in Body, Mind, and Spirit."

-Mahatma Gandhi

Education is the acquisition of skills, beliefs, values, and habits which enable an individual to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. And I firmly believe that it can be achieved by learning to control the mind and the will.

I feel honoured and privileged to lead one of the prestigious schools of Delhi that enjoys a sterling reputation in multidisciplinary spheres of education. It gives me immense pleasure to witness that the school stands true to its motto “Shubh Karman Tey Kabhun Naa Taron” in letter and spirit, inculcating courage to face insurmountable odds.

At JKPS our approach to learning is child-centric ensuring that children meander their path through a wide array of enriching experiences to develop creativity and imagination. This institution aids them to grow as wiser, stronger and brighter individuals who holistically bloom into compassionate and successful citizens of this country.

Today’s youth has access to any information possible; there is certainly no need to spoon-feed them with knowledge. The dire need of the present situation demands that our students are allowed to make their own choices according to their personalities, goals, and needs coupled with the much-needed motivation to put in more effort which is an ideal recipe for better learning outcomes.

A true teacher is the one who can throw the whole force into the tendency of the taught, who can encourage and facilitate with real empathy. I am confident that my committed and competent mentors will empower our students to attain the learning outcomes through the process of the Four C’s of the 21st Century Learning Skills: Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication. I appreciate my team for acquiring the Digital learning skills quite effectively retaining their warmth and personal touch with their students. During the times of crisis too, the educators have not only been triumphant in imparting the most up-to-date learning skills, but they have also taken comprehensive care of their mental and physical well being. The achievements of Jaspalians itself speak that learning has never stopped.

I am grateful to the management for intensive participation and encouragementin the interest of the learners. My best wishes to the staff members and students who have over the years proven their ardour and passion by consistently delivering excellence across all dimensions of learning. I also keenly look forward to extensive collaboration with the parents who have sincerely entrusted their belief in us and I hope to gain their support in the tenure of my service with the school.

Fuelled with a desire to achieve the zenith in diverse areas of multidisciplinary learning, all of us shall continue to tread on the luminous path par excellence every year and re-define success, which will allow us to elevate our benchmarks and scale loftier heights for years to come.

Asha Saran Srivastava