A platform for the young ones and their hidden talents


Since the starting of JKPS, one of its main motives is to bring out the students up to their best levels. All the students are provided with ample chances to build self-confidence and capability to face the audiences through their performances. The Class Project Shows are a platform for the students of primary section to present Theme-Based events. Plays, dance performances and songs in chorus are put forward in the presence of the Chairman, S. Surjit Singh Ji, Vice-Chairperson, Rasna Singh ji and our dear parents. This is done with great zeal by the class teachers of all the sections, dance and music department and the children. Moral values like integrity, courage, honesty, respect are imbibed through mass participation providing all the students an opportunity to showcase their hidden talent enabling them to understand the importance of team work. It inculcates a skill to develop a positive attitude towards classmates and enhance the value of love and respect for others.