We believe in keeping our children safe and their safety always comes first. In order to ensure safety and security of our children, we request your cooperation in the following aspects.
1. You are requested to report only at the reception for any correspondence with the office/teaching staff and wait at the reception for further instructions.
2. Parents are requested to drop their ward at gate No.1. Students coming by van shall enter the school from Gate No.3.
3. Parents who come to collect their wards are advised to come 10 minutes before dispersal time.
4. Parents are to leave their wards at the Main Gate and not to drop them inside.
5. Parents should use only the main gate for entry and exit. Entry into the school without the relevant Identity Card will not be permitted. Exit during school hours is allowed only in case of extreme emergencies with a Gate Pass made after approval by the principal/ Headmistress. Also, students will not be allowed to leave with anyone else, even with a written consent by the parents.
6. Ensure that the children wear their I-Cards at all times. Loss of I-Card must be reported to the Class Teacher immediately.
7. As the school doesn't have its own transport, so it is imperative that parents ensure that their choice of transport is screened for safety. Van/Rickshaw drivers should have proper police verification/Police clearance certificate.
8. For us to communicate to the parent quickly in case of emergency, please make sure that you fill in the Personal Information Form in the School Diary. In case of any change in your Address/Phone No., kindly give an application to the Class Teacher and in the School Office.
9. Parents must inform the Class Teacher in writing about medical needs of their ward, if any.
10. Due to security reasons Parents / Attendants are -not allowed to send any Eatable / Tiffin boxes / Water bottles to their wards after the school begins.
11. Ensure that the students do not carry any pointed objects to school including metallic water bottles and steel scale.