CYBER RULES AND UNDERTAKING All students are expected to follow guidelines issued by CBSE for school, parents and students vide circular CBSE-Acad/JD-AH A/Cir/2017. The CBSE has given Guidelines for Safe and Effective Use of Internet and Digital Technologies in Schools and has instructed schools to draft a school policy on the safe use of electronic devices and implement it. Important Guidelines
Do's for Students:
• Use only the licensed version of software.
• To access only pre-selected websites appropriate to your age group, under teachers / parental guidance.
• Follow Internet safety norms.
• Set your profile to private so that personal information is kept secret.
• Think before you post information Online. Once posted, it is difficult to remove.
• Never share your password with anyone.
• Block people who send nasty messages.
• Students should tell / inform their parents, if anything they see or read online worries them.
Don'ts for Students:
• Do not send mean things online.
• Do not accept any offers that seem too good to be true.
• Do not give out personal information such as address or phone number or pictures.
• Do not open emails or attachments from unknown people.
• Students should not become online 'friends' with unknown people.
• Students should never arrange to meet someone in person whom they have met online.