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"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." - Albert Einstein

The creativity and self-expression of an individual depict the inherent beauty that lies dormant within us; to pull it out is the art of an educator and to bring the child face to face with their creative genius is the work of a skilled teacher. With this backdrop and to ascertain that no child is limited by self-containing beliefs, JKPS goes above and beyond the ordinary and empowers the students with 21 st -century learning skills, yonder education as well.

JKPS provides ample opportunities for the students across multiple extracurricular activity domains, allowing the students to explore their hidden talents beyond academics and develop a holistic personality that is well acquainted with their veiled potential. The school takes special care to nurture versatile boulevards for creative cognition with special focus being given to students who need that extra space to grow and develop themselves. This allows every student to excel in their respective area and bloom as an individual beyond education as well.

Jaspalians have always held "Shubh Karman te Kabhu na taro" as their core virtue and have marched progressively towards bringing out the best in them, through a journey marked by self- inquiry and discovery. This is evident in the plethora of highly skilled and responsible citizens that the school has been able to produce year after year. These individuals have not only made the school, albeit the country proud through their achievements across various fields. As the country confidently moves towards a new decade, JKPS as always , will continue to strive to develop individuals who are not just leaders of tomorrow, but the flag bearers of a new nation.