• Parents are requested to read the contents of the school almanac carefully and in the interest of the child, abide by the rules and regulations of the school.
  • You are requested to ensure the following:

    1. Your ward must carry his/her school almanac daily. Please check for communication with the teacher on regular basis.

    2. Your ward is regular and punctual to school.

    3. Your ward comes in proper and complete uniform.

    4. Your ward must wear his/her I-card at all times. Loss of I-card must be reported to the class teacher immediately.

    5. Please keep your mobile phones on silent mode whenever you enter the school premises. Please register your latest mobile number in the school for SMS facility.

    6. Carry your Parent Identity card whenever you come to school.

    7. Attend the Parent teacher Interaction regularly for required feedback and corrective measures. Attendance for PTM will be marked. Students have to accompany their parents for the PTM in proper school uniform.

    8. Your ward should not carry any costly articles to the school. The school will not be responsible for any loss of the same.

    9. Your ward should not carry any pointed objects like scissors, metallic water bottles, steel scale compass, lead pencils to the school.

    10. Refrain from going to the classroom to meet the teachers/wards/other students. Kindly contact the school reception for any guidance or appointment with the teacher.

    11. Exit during the school hours is only with the Gate Pass made after the approval of the Principal/Headmistress.

    12. Do not send any eatable/ Tiffin boxes/ water bottles/ project work items during the school hours, due to security reasons. Parents are advised to send nutritionally balanced diet.

    13. Please buy simple school bags as per the age and class of your ward. Please send light weight stationery items, Tiffin boxes, bottles.

    14. Seek prior appointment to meet the Principal/ Headmistress/ Teachers/School Counsellor/ Special Educators before coming to the school.

    15. Please do not send any kind of sweets/ stationery items on your ward's birthday. If you would like to celebrate the special day with others, it would be a good gesture to contribute a sapling to the school garden which will help in developing a clean environment.