Revolutionizing Education

The brain must be educated through the hand. If I were a poet, I would write poetry on the possibilities of five fingers. Those who do not train their hands, who go through the ordinary rut of education, lack MUSIC in their life
Mahatma Gandhi

Following this doctrine of education, Work Education Clubs have been formulated at JKPS. We try to develop competencies in the fields of knowledge, understanding skills and values through need-based life activities. The various Clubs which are successfully being run for the current academic session are:

  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • App Development
  • Sound Editing

It aims at introducing students to the world of Cooking and creating their interest in Culinary skills. Many quick mouth-watering recipes have been developed. Emphasis is on fire-less cooking, keeping in mind the safety of children and making students self-reliant in their day to day life. Cup Cakes, Bhelpuri, Canopy Snacks, Salads, Sprouts, different types of Sandwiches are some of the most successful items just to name a few.

Gardening is a hobby which lets students be close to nature and gives them an insight on how plants grow around us. In gardening club students carried out activities from soil analysis, study on leaf structures, plant variety of flora around us. They grow plants in small vases and decorate them. These can even be gifted to guests.

Mobile application development is the process by which application software is developed for handheld devices. Students develop apps for their personal and general use. Some examples are student planner apps,safety apps, wake up apps, fitness apps.

Students learn to edit songs for various functions of the school as well as personal use by making use of sound editing softwares which allow editing and generating of audio effects. Students enjoy working for the audio-editing club.