February 10, 2022

SPIC MACAY FRIDAY CINEMA CLASSIC HOSTED BY JKPS ON APRIL 1, 2022 Every Friday, SPIC MACAY organises ‘Cinema Classics’, where they screen movies of different genres that are both nationally and internationally acclaimed. This event is hosted by different schools every week and on June 11, 2021, Friday, our school, Jaspal Kaur Public School got an opportunity to be the host of this wonderful event. The movie that was chosen to be screened was called ‘City Lights’- a film by Charlie Chaplin. SPIC MACAY had invited an esteemed Indian film director, Mr. K. Hariharan for a detailed analysis of the movie and relay his expert opinion about the art of film making. The programme started with Sehejaleen Kaur, a student of class 10, introducing our school and its long-standing association with SPIC MACAY for the last 25 years. Following that, Mr. Hariharan was invited to introduce the film before the screening began. Students and teachers of classes VI- VII from our school attended the movie screening, which was then followed by an enriching QnA session. Mr. Hariharan proficiently answered all the questions asked by the audience by the end of which everyone was feeling enriched with new-found knowledge of a director’s perspective of film making and the art of being in front of the camera, as must have imagined by the terrific Charlie Chaplin. The programme ended with our principal ma’am, Mrs. Asha Saran Srivastava’s inspiring speech about how SPIC MACAY is offering a great opportunity to students to delve deep into the understanding of various art and music forms.

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