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Subject Weeks

Each subject week is a two-fold event. Initially all the students of a class participate in an intra section activity, thereafter BEST performing student/group of each section competes in the final activity. The objective is 100% participation of the learners which boosts their confidence and enhances learning.

Fun for the participants
Focused on quality science outcomes
Supportive of curriculum
Encourages the participants to learn
Raise the general profile of subject within the community

Hindi Week 2020


Punjabi week 2020


Students of JKPS celebrate Punjabi Week every year. Our main aim is to promote the Punjabi language and Punjabi culture among our students. This year too the students actively participated in it. The virtual presentation was a novelty for the students and the teachers. They participated in varied activities covering a wide range of cultural, religious and literary themes that concluded successfully.

The students of Class 6 recited beautiful poems in Punjabi on the topic of their choice. There was an active participation and they enjoyed a lot during the poem recitation.

Maths Week 2020


Maths gives us every reason to hope that every problem has a solution
Jaspal Kaur Public School organized Maths Week from 2 November to 7 November with the purpose to help its learners explore and learn more about basic concepts of Mathematics in a simple and playful manner. Maths Week was an opportunity for children to participate in a gamut of creative activities, which they may not normally get a chance to experience in a regular class
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IT week 2020


English week 2020


Social Science Week 2020

Science Week 2020