• Community Rank

Community Rank

Community outreach is defined as reaching out to others ,or becoming involved in a community .When an organisation reaches out to citizens in a community to help them find food and shelter,it is an example of outreach.
"Hands that raise to help are mightier than hands that raise to pray." JKPS has always been the provider of quality education and value education. We follow this in our curriculum and our daily routine. Our awards and achievements speak for us.
According to the Education World Magazine, we are amongst the top 3 schools in India that reach to the society and try to make our India a better place. Such token of appreciation helps us to continue to be a part of a cause as virtuous as this adding meaning to our lives and to that of others around us. In addition to this, we also attained outstanding performance in Community Service on March 9, 2019 by the Delhi Langar Seva Society.