Games and Athletics

JKPS thrives with sports activities during the assembly time. The students are given regular coaching classes in morning for games which include badminton by Mr. Nirose Rana, football by Mr. Sunil Lal, Kho-Kho and Handball by Mrs. Veena Rawat, Yoga by Mr. Deepak Singh.
Students get opportunity to play various games in the school hours such as basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, cricket, chess, skating, kho-kho, judo, tackwonds, long jumps, shotput etc.
Athletics includes different kinds of races such as short distance, medium distance, long distance etc targeting junior, middle and senior sections separately.
Fun races include sack race,3 legged race, ball & basket race ,lemon $ spoon race , relay race, hurdle race ,obstacle race ,wheel barrow , rope skipping etc. Other fitness regimes that the students enjoy are Aerobics and yoga.

There are regular practice sessions held for various games like Hockey, Table Tennis and Chess, to sharpen their mental abilities after the regular school hours, especially on Tuesdays and Fridays. Special coaching is provided to the students interested in Chess, Hockey and Table Tennis by the school sports teachers. The school intends to give cricket lovers also special classes under professional guidance in near future
The sportsman spirit of the students gets a high during Inter-house matches in Football, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Table tennis, Cricket and Basketball.
The active participation in the Inter-school competition has brought numerous laurels to the school and Intra-school competitions organised on a regular basis prepare our students to compete with teams of other schools team. The enthusiastic participation in matches of the members of JXSA, our ex-students, with JKPS students is one of the most cherished competitions our students look forward to.


"Yoga is the key to unlock the dignity in man "

Modern life is resulting students to take up hectic & unsystematic life style. This combines the erratic food habits, academic burden on student with long study homes, improper sleep. Due to this kids are losing health, vitality, flexibility, energy & overall resistance to diseases.

Yoga is a way to live a balanced & peaceful life by harmonizing body & soul. At JKPS regular yoga classes are held for all the classes starting from IV to XII. This enable the students to change their thought patterns.
Different breathing patterns, mantle chanting, Asanas, Meditations are practiced by the students to enhance memory power, body energy, self control.