Revolutionizing Education

The brain must be educated through the hand. If I were a poet, I would write poetry on the possibilities of five fingers. Those who do not train their hands, who go through the ordinary rut of education, lack MUSIC in their life
Mahatma Gandhi


  • Following this doctrine of education, Work Education Clubs have been formulated at JKPS. We try to develop competencies in the fields of knowledge, understanding skills and values through need-based life activities. The various Clubs which are successfully being run for the current academic session are:

    • Foreign Languages club(French ,Spanish)
    • Sports club
    • Cooking
    • Gardening
    • App Development
    • Digital Editing
    • Science Club
    • Theatre and PD
    • Good deeds
    • Linguistic and Literary

    Opportunities await only those who communicate effectively in this competitive world. To give an extra edge to our students, the school introduced Foreign Language Classes organised by World Languages Centre (WLC), Pitampura. These classes are conducted within school premises on every Tuesday and Friday. The trainers use fun learning action packed activities as well as scientific teaching methodology to help students attain proficiency. The students are prepared for International Diploma (DELF/DELE) awarded by Ministry of Education of France/Spain respectively. Native sessions conducted by Foreign Faculty are organised to help the students understand the respective cultures, nuances and to practice the perfect pronunciation and accent.
    The objective behind introducing these languages is that along with the values inculcated by the school and good education given, our students would be fit to become good global citizens.

    (Badminton,Kho kho,Cricket,Football,Basketball)Sports and fitness are very vital part in a student’s overall holistic growth. Jaspal Kaur Public School ensures that the students get abundant opportunities and physical training in this field.
    The institute provides the students with morning coaching facilities of Basketball, Judo and Skating carried out by professional coaches. Other than these, a mandatory yoga and aerobics sessions are held in order to keep the students fit and healthy.

    It aims at introducing students to the world of Cooking and creating their interest in Culinary skills. Many quick mouth-watering recipes have been developed. Emphasis is on fire-less cooking, keeping in mind the safety of children and making students self-reliant in their day to day life. Cup Cakes, Bhelpuri, Canopy Snacks, Salads, Sprouts, different types of Sandwiches are some of the most successful items just to name a few.

    Gardening is a hobby which lets students be close to nature and gives them an insight on how plants grow around us. In gardening club students carried out activities from soil analysis, study on leaf structures, plant variety of flora around us. They grow plants in small vases and decorate them. These can even be gifted to guests.

    Mobile application development is the process by which application software is developed for handheld devices. Students develop apps for their personal and general use. Some examples are student planner apps,safety apps, wake up apps, fitness apps.

    Our goal as a club is to expose students to different forms of digital editing,Students work on various multimedia softwares like audacity, windows movie maker and scratch . Students create audio and video files and enhance their digital editing skills. These skills are the basic building blocks of their IT knowledge which will be an essential part of their future.

    The Science Club aims to promote scientific temper amongst the learners by engaging them in challenging and mind stretching tasks. It provides opportunity for learners to explore different aspects of science that are not always possible within the constraints of normal school time table. To get the students involved, we conduct various activities like Making of Periscope, Home Made Projector, C.D Hovercraft, Water Alarm, Fire Alarm, etc. Through these activities, our students can learn science in a concrete way and apply the knowledge to their everyday lives.

    Theatre and Personality Development’ is the study of abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life effectively. We, at JKPS, organize activities like Ad-Making, Role-Play, Script Writing, Story Weaving, etc in Theatre and Personality Development Club. These activities help in inculcating several important life skills in children like team work, collaboration, communication and leadership apart from building confidence and self-esteem. With this, creativity flourishes, academics and means of self-expression get developed.

    A single pint can save three lives, a single gesture can create million smiles.
    Keeping the vision of our honourable Chairman SardarSurjit Singh Ji, we at J.K.P.S. have introduced Good deeds, manners and etiquette clubon every working Saturday for classes 4 and 5 under the supervision of Mrs.Priyanka Bhatia.This club includes the instilling of values among the Jaspalians.Students prepare handkerchiefs (block printing) for the Old Age Homes. They also wrap gifts for the dear Vivekananda Paathshala students of the school. The gifts are then given to the destitute on their birthdays. More such activities are organised to inculcate affection among the Jaspalians. The Manners and Etiquette club includes the teaching of table manners which are pivotal in day to day life. Students pen down the important points for their future reference. .

    Linguistic and literary club has proven extremely useful to enhance reading habits among Jkps students.It caters to students from classes IV-VII where they not only enjoy reading the book of their own choice but also entertain themselves by doing a plethora of activities like book mark making, book cover design, book jacket design, writing the blurb for the book,writing summary , writing general articles to stimulate creativity and bring out writing talent .This club also motivates the child to narrate the story they have read, enact any character or biography of their favourite sports person ,which culminates into a complete personality development programme. Two stories of “Ruskin Bond”were narrated by the Club Teacher -incharge, which made the text more lucid to them.Reading provides reverberations in the society as it is the advent of readership.These activities make the child deal with the challenges that lie ahead in life..