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Teachers are facilitators who forge the path in a student’s life to achieve excellence in every sphere. During this process it becomes absolutely necessary to revitalize themselves and become more dynamic in their endeavor.

The management of JKPS, being sensitive to this need, organizes and initiates a number of programmes, picnics, excursions and recreational activities for its staff members to keep in mind the teacher’s career growth and personal fulfillment. In the current academic year, JKPS teacher’s fraternity went to Najafgarh Eco-tourism Rocksport Camp to rejuvenate themselves. It was a day of fun, games and relaxation with endless gorging on tasty food. Weekly faculty meet with the Principal, professional training through workshops sponsored by the school and various other activities provide a conducive working environment for the staff members.

Under the supervision of qualified therapeutic professionals, regular yoga and meditation classes are conducted for teachers to de-stress and relax themselves. Expert beauticians are invited to conduct regular sessions of personal grooming and personality development. These recreations and leisure studies offer numerous opportunities to develop and prepare themselves for a better role as a teacher.

JKPS employs competent faculty members qualified to accomplish the mission and goals of the institution. Today’s classrooms require that instructors possess competencies for teaching all students. Robust instructional strategies and culturally sensitive curricula are critical, but more important is an instructor who is sensitive and responsive to the unique differences of each student. Recognizing the need to strengthen specific competencies to reach and teach all students requires an understanding of new ideas and a willingness to view instruction through varied cultural lenses. This mission is achieved through regular in-service workshops and support programmes.

18th February 2020

Child sexual abuse is a worse act that result in short-term and long-term harm to the child psychology. To sensitize JKPS teachers about the POCSO ACT, 2012 a session was organized on 18 th February 2020, in the School Auditorium. Workshop was addressed by the School Counsellor and Special Educator through power point presentation. The purpose of the act, the number of offence under the act were discussed. Also, the mode of complaint along with web address and helpline number were also shared during the talk.

25th January 2020

Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas._Albert Einstein
Enhancing student performance in Mathematics is reinforced through the use of effective teaching practices. One such practice is, a rigorous, student-centered approach to teach mathematics that fosters inquest among learners. To inculcate the same, a workshop was conducted for Maths teachers on 25 January, 2020. The session was taken by Ms. Jharna De a renowned author with over 37 years of experience in the field of education specializing in Mathematics.
To begin with, she talked about 5 E s of learning namely Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate, to have effective teaching learning process. Further, she discussed about 21 st Century skills like Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking and Creativity and their importance in students learning.
To implement the same in the classroom, she engaged the teachers in hands-on activities like 24 game, Time Zone activity, visualizing decimal multiplication on paper, solids and their nets etc.
It was an enriching and informative session which left all participating teachers filled with awe and food for thought.

21st January 2020

Jaspal Kaur Public School organised an 'Author's Meet' on 21 January, 2020 at the school premises. Ms. Simran Bhui, an author and storyteller, was invited as a guest to promote reading and writing among the students. She was warmly welcomed by the Headmistress of the school, Ms. Shikha Dhameja. The students were joyfully engaged, interacted with her and learnt the processes of writing, developing characters and expressing one's own creativity. Many questions were asked by the students about life as an author and how she got her ideas. The students were helped to reach deep in themselves to find all they could be with this unprecedented session.

17th January 2020

JKPS took an initiative in order to make the campus an “ anger free zone ” . Workshops were conducted on 17th January 2020 for the students and staff respectively. An interactive workshop was conducted by an eminent motivational speaker , Mr Ashwani Kumar Sharma in a bid to bring about positive change in the children. The students were given some important tips to control their anger in day to day situations, their queries were also addressed.
Subsequently , another workshop was conducted for the staff of JKPS . The session was addressed by Mrs. Vandana Tandon, an eminent speaker. Some valuable tips were given to the teachers on how to manage their own anger as well as that of the students . They were also guided to recognise what triggers anger and how to communicate feelings to others before a situation escalates. Overall it was a good experience for both the teachers and the students.

11th January 2020

As a part of regular Teachers ’ Enrichment Program, JKPS organised a two day rigorous training program on 9 and 10 January 2020. The objective was to equip the facilitators both mentally and physically so that they are geared up to take the upcoming challenges and thereby becoming better mentors to the students. The program included yoga and guided meditation sessions, introspective session on “ Finding Flaw to Recreate ” and Identifying students with SLD conducted by Ms. Gurleen Sawhney and Ms. Jyotsana Wadhwa. Ms. Phillipa from TRANZIUM conducted an interactive session on ‘ Positive Body Language ’, in communicating with students.The topics like ‘ New Technology for Teachers ’ by Mr. C.P.Nayak and techniques of class room management by Ms. Jyotsana Bhardwaj from Envision India. These range of meaningful topics made it worthwhile.

8th January 2020

A session with parents of class 1 was conducted on 21 December,2019 in the school auditorium by School Counsellor Dr.Gurleen Sawhney and Special Educator Mrs.Jyotsana Wadhwa. School Counsellor encouraged the parents to develop a bond with their children and also motivated them to share their feelings. She also encouraged to use technology in a positive way. Special Educator highlighted the problems faced by young ones in terms of reading and what different strategies could be used to overcome the problems related to it in grade one. She also discussed the benefits of regular reading for children.

17th December 2019

JKPS takes regular initiatives to help the students know themselves better. One chooses the work by his /her interest. JKPS invited Directorate of Naval Education for interaction with students on 17th December 2019. Lt. Commander S D Shukla and the team created awareness amongst the students about the Indian Navy and its multifarious role and functions. The interaction included presentation, a short tele-film and question and answer session for the students . They also imparted the knowledge about the equipment they use, courses for different streams and much more.
JKPS was honoured to have them and the students were enlightened by the session.

11th December 2019

To introduce the students to the world of work, JKPS took an initiative for class 10 by organizing a career guidance program EXPLORE by Envision India Eduservices. Initially an orientation session was organized to provide relevant information to the students. After the enlightening orientation session, a psychometric test was organized for all the students to help them analyze their aptitude and interests. The psychometric test was held on 15 October 2019 to help the students make their choice as per their aptitude. A comprehensive profile was developed through those tests. One to one counselling sessions were held on 8 November and 10 December 2019. These sessions helped to facilitate decision making on subject and career choice. It also helped students and parents to understand and interpret the results thus helping students make informed choices. It was an opportunity for the students to make a wiser choice in respect of their career.

2nd September 2019

JKPS organised a session on 2 September in the school auditorium by Mrs Alka and Mr Himanshu from Institute of Company Secretary. They enlightened the students of class 12 about the 3 levels of the course. The experts explained the students the practical aspects of different professions.

31st August 2019

A session for the parents of class 3 was addressed by School Counsellor and Special Educator in the school auditorium on 31 August, 2019. Topic for the talk was Transition Time. School counsellor discussed about subject teacher system and being particular in bag packing according to required time- table. She also encouraged parents to communicate to develop Expression, discipline and decision making skills. Special educator briefed about the change in assessment pattern in class 4. She also highlighted the importance of developing comprehension as well as oral skills among children at this stage, by sharing few tips to enhance their potential.

16th September 2017

An Orientation Session for students and parents of class X, on scope of Streams and Current trends, Psychometric Analysis and importance of aptitude testing was organized on 16, September 2017. The session was conducted by Mrs. Jyotsna Bhardwaj a renowned consulting psychologist and a career counselor.

26th August 2017

Anjuman Bains Counsellor from Samvedna Society addressed the group 4 staff on overall comprehensive concerns on "Skill Development".. She conveyed v nicely in an interactive way (Hindi language) about the way they should communicate and their body language and hygiene issues..Concerns regarding sexual assault were also taken up and showing responsible behavior .

2nd September 2016

JKPS organised a session on 2 September in the school auditorium by Mrs Alka and Mr Himanshu from Institute of Company Secretary. They enlightened the students of class 12 about the 3 levels of the course. The experts explained the students the practical aspects of different professions.

29th August 2016

Mr. Talwar resource person from Pearl Academy and a post graduate from NID was invited to J.K.P.S. to address the student of class XII, she motivated them to discover their own potential, she has also acted in some films like Slumdog Millionaire, Patiala House etc. She made the students feel about themselves and explained them that everyone is capable and has potential to do whatever they want.

23rd August 2016

Counselling department of JKPS organised a session for the commerce students of classes 11th and 12th. Mr. Ritesh discussed about various courses opportunities after taking commerce. He narrated the students to go for careers of their interest. Also narrated stories of successful people in different carriers to relate.

2nd August 2016

As the crucial years of life for the students of class lX-X have arrived they must start thinking about their future. So, a session was conducted on 2nd August 2016 by Mr. Mani Bansal, an ex jaspalian and a representative of Future Edge. He encouraged the students and gave them tips and tricks to master certain topics and guided them to have a correct approach towards their goal in life. Questions were asked by them which included logical thinking and practical sense, students got an experience of narration in study pattern, Also they learnt the correct way to approach for exams.

19th July 2016

Mr. Satnam Singh was invited to talk to commerce students of class 12th. He told about career opportunities after class 12th.

7th April 2016

JKPS invited Mr. Pulkit and Mr. Atul to talk about career opportunities after taking science in class 11th. They talked to class 11th students about various medical institutes and also on how the merits are calculated for taking admissions.

6th April 2016

New session for class 11th started. Principal Sir addressed all the students of 11th and motivated them for the new session and a different phase of life and academics.
The school counsellor also conveyed the message Every students has the potential through an interactive activity conducted with students.

6th April 2016

Mr. Vivek was invited to talk to students of commerce of class 11th. He conveyed with the help of PPT about different opportunities available to them after taking commerce in class 11th.

Once they are ready, the instructors become open-minded, sensitive and flexible to the needs of every Jaspalian, and are able to provide an explorative, non-threatening, non-critical and non-judgmental environment for a child to truly blossom. In order to improve and increase the overall performance of the faculty we organize and participate in a variety of workshops, seminars, conference and team building exercises. These workshops play a vital role in upgrading the knowledge base and the latest trends in education.