Subject Weeks

Besides striving for academic excellence JKPS aims to impart a holistic education to the learners through various co-scholastic activities in different subjects throughout the academic year.

The Activity Weeks began with the ICT week including activities like 'Just a minute', 'Crossword Puzzles', 'IT quiz' and 'Poster making' etc. in the month of July. Some of the interesting features were the Crossword Puzzle, Collage Making, Designing a Poster etc.

It was followed by the Math week and English Week in August. Students from classes IV to XI were involved in presenting items like 'Math and Art','Math-magic', 'Radio Jockeying', 'Nouns in a row', 'Grammar Check', etc.

It was a time of both fun and learning, displaying the multi-faceted talents of our pupils. 'Hindi Saptaha' saw the students presenting 'Kavita Gyan', 'Doha Gyan', Kahani Lekhan' and other inter-house activities.

PPT Presentations, singing of folk songs and dramatic acts challenged the students’ competitive spirit to excel during the Punjabi Week held in the month of October. Students’ awareness about India and the World got a boost during the Social Science Week. They were engaged in making Travel Brochures, Slogan writing and making Flags of various SAARC countries.

To become more conscious and sensitive about conservation & environment JKPS also conducted an Eco Club Week in the month of November. Activities like ‘Best out of waste’, Inter-Class 'Nukkad Natak', visit to Bio-Diversity Park, making organic Holicolours etc. encouraged the students to participate and learn more about preservation of nature.

Overall the Activity Weeks generated a lot of interest among students and motivated the Jaspalians to shoulder their responsibilities. They encouraged the students to learn about team-work, cooperation and various other life skills besides displaying their creative talents in the ever evolving and competitive world.