• A visit to missionaries of charity
  • GOONJ flood relief camp
  • Visit to Vridha Ashram
  • JXSA Visit to Upasna Special School
  • Visit to Abhyas Special School
  • Blanket Distribution
  • World Disability Day
  • Visit to Aanchal
  • Visit to Apna Ghar (Female Section)
  • Tegh Academy
  • Vadde Vadere
  • Vriddha Aashram
  • Upasana Special School
  • Books Donation
  • Samvedna and Blind Associate

A visit to missionaries of charity

On 7th November, 2017 a team of 5 students of JKPS accompanied by 2 parents and Mrs. Sanjana paid a visit to missionaries of charity, civil lines. It's an orphanage and an initiative taken by the church, which looks after the needs of the differently abled orphan children. Our Jaspalians interacted with the staff and the special children and enjoyed spending their time with them. The school contributed things of daily needs such as toiletries, etc. for charity. The visit was an eye- opening experience for our whole team and it had helped to inculcate the values of sharing, caring, kindness, generosity, etc. in our minds. It was a blessing to meet such saintly and kind people, who dedicate their lives for the noble cause of the society. There was a special educator appointed by the charity and there was a big team of caretakers to look after the children. They were working very hard with the children and following a strict time table. Finally, their entire staff thanked our team for the noble gesture. S`uch visits help the children to be exposed to the outside world so that they make up their minds to do something good for the society and JKPS hopes to make such visits in future as well.

GOONJ flood relief camp

Goonj is an organization that helps people in distress due to various natural calamities or other conditions. . The organization focuses on the receiver's dignity instead of donor's pride. A workshop by Goonj was organized at JKPS on 6t Oct., 2017,where volunteers from the organization showed a presentation, sensitizing children regarding the need to share and care. Thereafter, a camp was organized at JKPS ,in association with Goonj, on the 7 , 9 & 10 October ,2017 where Jaspalians upheld their motto ' Shubh Karman Te Kabhu Na Taro' by contributing wholeheartedly towards the cause . The camp was a great success as children from various classes contributed things like sugar, pulses, bed-sheets, torches, spices, blankets etc. This camp left a deep impact on the heart ,mind & souls of the Jaspalians.


Respecting and caring for our Elders is one of the moral values which is inculcated in the students at JKPS. In the light of the same, five students of class VIII accompanied by a teacher, Ms. Acharan Deep Kaur and two parents volunteer, visited an old age home – Vadde Vadere on 6 October 2017. The residents, though old and feeble, gave our children a warm welcome. To break the monotony of their lives the students played a game ‘pass the parcel’ with them and also presented a shabad, few songs and a dance. These were whole-heartedly enjoyed and appreciated by them. It was a feast to the eyes and heart to watch their response - some were clapping, some were dancing and singing with the children while some were simply sitting and watching with misty eyes, perhaps remembering their own children or grandchildren. The people of Vadde Vadere were provided with bedsheets, towels, frooti, biscuits and cakes. Our students gave the elderly people a few moments of joy bringing a smile on those wrinkled faces and came back with a life-time experience and more love for their parents and grand parents.


Children with disabilities are like butterflies with broken wings. They are just as beautiful as all others but they need help to spread their wings Keeping this in mind, Jaspalians( a group of five students from class VI and VII), along with our teacher Mrs. Neena Arora and two parents of class 1 students visited Abhayas Special School, Derawal Nagar on 4 October 2017. It was a memorable, heart touching experience for the Jaspalians. The students and the parents spent quality time with the differently abled, aged between 7 to 40 years. They played games with them, sang songs and danced with them, which made everyone giggle and laugh. This special school is providing a unique learning environment for the differently abled people which helps in their growth and development. The students interacted with the teachers and instructors working there and appreciated the efforts of the team. Our students distributed hand towels, biscuits, cakes, frooti and sketch pens among the people. The aim of this visit was to sensitize the students with the needs of differently abled persons and thus giving extra care, love and attention to them. May the selfless service by the Jaspalians bring good fortune in their lives.


Community Service provides students with the opportunity to become active members of their community, as well as service those who need it the most.
With this thought in mind, Jaspalians (a group of 10 students) along with a teacher Ms. Nidhi Chanana and 3 JXSA members visited Sparsh School for differently abled students on 18 August, 2017.
The School Students and the Ex-Jaspalians (JXSA) spent some quality time with the special students and also distributed stationery material and some eatables to them. The visit was a great success as the students of JKPS did various art activities with them.
We look forward to more visits of this kind. Hopefully this visit brought a great smile on many faces.

Visit to Vridha Ashram

The responsibility of instilling the value of life for our community rests with us. In sync with the same, JXSA in alliance with the JKPS, community service paid a visit to Vridha Ashram, an old age home in Kanjawla on July 15,2017. Five students of class 11 along with Mrs. Priyanka Bhatia set another milestone for their school by volunteering to dedicate their services enthusiastically for the community. The people of Vridha Ashram were provided with bedsheets and spoons. The school students and the Ex-Jaspalians spent some quality time with the elderly. The event was a great success. We look forward to more visits of this kind so that we can extend our hand in our school’s charitable venture.

JXSA Visit to Upasna Special School

It s time for JXSA to mingle with Jaspalians once again. JXSA (Batch 2016-17) in alliance with a few students of JKPS and Mrs. Sanjana Sharma paid a visit to Upasna Special School, Rohini on May 11, 2017.
Jaspalians spent quality time with the differently abled from 3 Years to 40 Years. They learnt to be caring and helpful towards the less fortunate ones of the society. Stationery items, books and eatables were distributed among the special children as a token of love.
Students of JKPS enjoyed being in touch with the School community outreach team and programs even after they left the School. The visit was an enjoyable and a memorable one wherein the principal and the headmistress presented a small token of appreciation and love to the EX-Jaspalians

Visit to Abhyas Special School

On 5th May 2017, five Jaspalians from IX D along with their teacher, Mrs. Suchita Mookerji, visited the Abhyas Special School in Pitampura. It was an exciting and memorable day as the students got a chance to interact with children with special needs. The kids from the school were between the ages of 5 to 12 years, few of whom suffered from autism, learning disability, speech impairment, hyper activism etc. Although hesitant at first, their enthusiasm, excitement and joy knew no bounds when the slowly opened up and started interacting with JKPS students. The place was filled with laughter and shorts as every child responded to music and started dancing. We were amazed to see how well the development of their cognitive and colour coordinating skills were. Our students distributed notebooks, pencils, chocolates and toffees to them, played simple puzzle games and helped the kids to make paper boats, aeroplanes etc. It was wonderful to see the dedication of the teachers there who took care of these children with such love and concern.
For the Jaspalians, it was an educative and humbling experience. Through this community service they learnt to become more sensitive to the needs of others and unconditionally offer their service for humanity.


A book is a gift you can open again and again
Once again students of JKPS joined their hands in donating their old books of different classes to the less privileged children.The collection of books was done on 29 March 2017 at the school reception.Students were intimated through school website and sms service. The collection was a great success.The books were donated to the Goonj society which works for the underprivileged children .Around Two thousand five hundred books were collected and donated to Goonj Society. Hopefully it would bring smiles to many children.


Community service provides the opportunity for students to share their knowledge, skills and abilities with someone who might not have benefited from such actions. Fifteen students along with Mrs. Priyanka Bhatia and Mrs. Kamal paid a visit on 22 February 2017 to Living Treasure Dispensary situated at Mukherjee Nagar. The students took medicines for the institution. Enthusiasm among the school student volunteers was simply remarkable. The school always lends a helping hand to the less fortunate people of the society. The students saw it as a selfless service to humanity and a stepping stone to their greatness in life.


Lucky are those who get the golden opportunity to provide help to the humanity. 22 February 2017 was a day full of delightful experience for the Jaspalians. Common Kitchen ( Langar) organized by Delhi Langar Sewa Society at ESI hospital, Punjabi Bagh was sponsored by Jaspal Kaur Public School. Fifteen students along with Mrs Kamal Bajwa and Mrs Priyanka Bhatia got a chance to be a part of Langar Sewa. It was a wonderful experience which taught us the virtue of sharing. Students and teachers were allocated duties on various stations such as Chapati, Dal,Biscuit,Water and Kadaah prasad. It inculcated in each one of us the spirit of kindness. It embraces the dictum “SARBAT DA BHALA’’ OR “WELL BEING OF THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY”. Students were very happy to see that the community is doing a selfless service which was without the expectation of getting anything in return. It sends a message to all that being humble in the presence of Guru is Paramount.


Spreading a smile on the face of someone who is underprivileged gives Jaspalians a supreme feeling. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. With this thought in mind, Jaspalians along with Mr. C.P.Nayak went to Vriddha Aashram - an old age home on 20 February,2017. To serve is beautiful, only if it is done with joy, whole heartedly and with free mind. Students of J.K.P.S took some biscuits, inner wear, refined oil for the old homeless people. May the selfless service by the Jaspalians bring them Good Fortune to them in manifold.


Community service is a regular feature at JKPS. Such activities are a part and parcel of JKPS curriculum. To encourage Jaspalians for greater participation in community service, five students from class VII, along with Mrs. Prabhjot Gulati visited Samvedna, the school for special children on 14 February. To instill a sense of moral obligation to help those less fortunate children, Jaspalians volunteered in distributing various stationery items like pencils, erasers, and other commodities for personal hygiene like oil, cream, soap etc. Thus, student volunteers acquired life skills such as empathy as they developed a global perspective.


Students and staff of JKPS never hold back, when it comes to social service. We have always considered ourselves to be blessed enough to be of service to the destitute and the differently abled. With this desire in mind, students of class 9 along with Mrs. Prerna Dikshit paid a visit to Aanchal School for the differently abled on 15 February 2017. Pulses, biscuits, soaps and books were distributed among the students. Jaspalians realized that the special children crave for love, affection and happiness.


Community service provides students with the opportunity to become active members of their community , as well as a service to those who need it the most. JKPS distributed 100 books(activity, scholastic etc.) each to Samvedna- the special school, Living Treasure (Tilak Nagar and Mukherjee Nagar), Aanchal school for the differently abled, St. John’s school, Tegh Academy in the first week of February. Also 60 books were distributed among the poor and the needy students of Vivekanand Pathshala. 70 books for class I-IX were donated to Dr. Ghosh’s Library. A few books were donated to Goonj. The Jaspalians developed civic and social responsibility skills along with emotional skills that will help them succeed in school and beyond.

Blanket Distribution

The School celebrates the approaching dawn of the New Year with a noble gesture. A team comprising of three students & two staff members to ABHYAS special school to present 15 blankets to spread warmth among the special children. Poverty stricken people at The Living Treasure-Dispensary Nehru Vihar were provided with 150 blankets as a noble gesture from the Jaspalian family. Not only that students of poor families taking coaching from THE LIVING TREASURE, Mukherjee Nagar (Education Hub) coaching Centre also received 100 blankets equipped them with warmth of affection for the upcoming winter chill.

World Disability Day

Visit to Abhyas Special School

World Disability Day-3rd December 2016. Each year since 1992 a variety of events are held in many countries. World Disability Day is used for holding discussions, forums, and campaigns relating to disability. The aim of World Disability Day is to encourage a better understanding of people affected by a disability together with helping to make people more aware of rights, dignity and welfare of disabled people. So we at J.K.P.S took an initiative to pay a visit to Abhyas Special School, Pitampura on the 2nd of December 2016, Friday 15 students along with Mrs.Jyotsna Wadhwa and Mrs.Monika Mathur went to Pitampura and Derawal Nagar branch. Abhyas Special School Pitampura consists of age group 5-13 years and Abhyas Special School Derawal Nagar comprises of teenagers. The branch deals in the students with autism, learning disability, ADHD. J.K.P.S contributed frooti, biscuits, notebooks, pencils, erasers and sharpeners to Abhyas Special School Pitampura branch and items of ration i.e., pulses, wheat flour, rice, sugar, tea leaves and bournvita to Abhyas Special School Derawal Nagar. Students had a wonderful experience. They celebrated world disability day with Jaspalians on BRIGHT MANNER.

Visit to Aanchal

Visit to Aanchal : Centre for differently abled children

To sensitise Jaspalians about special children and to foster love and care for them, Jaspalians recently visited Aanchal a centre for disabled children along with Mrs. Monica Mathur.
Biscuits, stationery items, fruits etc were distributed amongst the children. The extended love and care by the Jaspalians brought a smile on the faces of these special students. Such initiatives which are a regular feature at JKPS impart empathy to the students.

Visit to Apna Ghar (Female Section)

JKPS has always been actively involved in serving the needy. Serving the nation and the public is the motto of JKPS. Community outreach ceremony at JKPS was flagged off at 9 a.m. in the school central lawn. Jaspalians along with two teachers Mrs Veena Rawat and Mrs Sanjukta Biswas paid a visit on 22nd October, 2016 to Apna Ghar (Female section)( Alipur Road). Apna Ghar Ashram is a home to more than 119 helpless, sick people spotted at the road side in unattended conditions.

The students carried wheat, flour and pulses as a humble contribution towards the needy. The eagerness among the school student volunteers was simply remarkable. On the whole it was a wonderful attempt by the students to pay a visit to such an organization. From this visit they returned with tender hearts full of emotions towards their society!

Tegh Academy

Students of class X – XII joined hands to help the students at Tegh Academy, a sikh institution which aims to help the needy. The Jaspalians donated biscuits, frooti, notebooks, sweets and hand towels to the young students. The students belonged to the poor families.

JKPS pledged to stand by humanity. Community service opportunities enable the students to serve the under privileged sections of society by providing free eatables, stationery. On the whole it was a wonderful attempt by the students to pay a visit to such an organization.

Vadde Vadere


We- the Jaspalians paid a visit to VaddeVadere an old age home. There were 11 males and 9 females who were deprived of their families. The students along with their two teachers- Mrs Monika Mathur and Mrs Ruchika Gupta took items of daily use (Daliya, Pulses, Biscuits etc).

Vriddha Aashram

JKPS has always been actively involved in serving the needy. Serving the nation and the public is the motto of JKPS. Jaspalians along with Mrs Priyanka Bhatia and Mrs Ruchika Gupta paid a visit on 20 August 2016 to Vriddha Aashram- an old age home situated at Kanjhawala.

The students took biscuits, namkeen and a carpet for the institution. The eagerness among the school student volunteers was simply remarkable. The school always lends a helping hand to the less fortunate people of the society. A strong realisation dawned upto the team that life is not a bed of roses for all. From this visit they returned with tender hearts full of emotions towards their grandparents!

Upasana Special School

A group of students along with their teacher, Mrs. Monica Mathur visited Upasna Special School on 26 October 2016. It is a ‘home away from home’, where there is no discrimination and no age factor. The institution provides a unique learning environment for the differently abled. Upasana Special School exclusively works for the Delayed Development, Mental Retardation, Learning Disability, Autism, and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The Institution is well equipped with the Sensory Integration, Neuro-development Therapy, and Cognitive Therapy etc. The Special School has a team of Behaviour Therapist, Speech Therapist, Special Educator, etc. It aims to create a safe environment in public where students can work and live independently. The group distributed several things like Frooti, muffins, biscuits, notebooks, etc to the children of Upasana Special School and spent a great time with them. It’s a great moment for the students to understand the problems of special children. This visit and contribution from JKPS brought smiles and happiness at Upasana Special School.

Books Donation

Students of J.K.P.S joined their hands in donating their old, unused, partially used notebooks to the less privileged children. The collection of notebooks was done on 26 March 2016 at the school reception. Students were intimated through the school website and through SMS service. On the whole, it was a remarkable experience. The notebooks were reframed and given to the Vivekananda Paathshaala students.
Around 1000 books were collected and given for the use of the under privileged children. The books will be a blessing for the kids.

Samvedna and Blind Associate


The members of Samvedana and Blind associate, a NGO, had put up stalls in the school campus on 22 October 2016 (Saturday). Products made by special children of Samvedna were displayed and put on sale for the parents,staff and students of JKPS. A small token of love comprising of Muffins, Biscuits and Frooties was sent for the special children of Samvedana from JKPS.