Special Education and Counselling

School Counsellers are an Important part of the school system. The school counseller help all students in the areas of academic achievement, Personal/Social Development and causes development, ensuring today's students became the productive, Well adopted adults of tomorrow.

School Counsellers work collaboratively with parents and teachers to decide on what action needs to be taken to address the need based issues.
JKPS has a trained counseller Dr. Gurleen Sawhney who works in a confidential settings and organizes need based programs for Students, Teacher, Parents.

Regular Sessions for students are conducted in the school on different topics like Motivation, Different Careers, Behaviour concerns, adolescences issues, good habits and many more.

Orientation of Parents is taken up from time to time depending on the need eg. Nursery Orientation, Transition time for junior, good touch and bad touch, handling adolescents and dealing their Adolescent children.
Workshops for teachers are also organized from time to time to motivate and update them on technologies and corrupts.

Special Education

Special Education is the institution that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of children with special needs. Our School has a trained special education who, with the help of teachers identifies students with special needs, senses their abilities and understand their strengths. At JKPS our special education services are designed to help children with special needs leave the information and skills that other children are learning in a regular curriculum. Different types of learning materials aids and workshops are used to help children to learn in a simple way. Parents are regularly counselled and given information to handle children in a positive manner.