• Overview


"I have learned that people will forget what you said ,people will forget what you did,but people will never forget how you made them feel"-Maya Angelou

" HELPING ONE PERSON MIGHT NOT CHANGE THE WORLD, BUT IT COULD CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE PERSON " Counselling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals ,families and groups to accomplish mental health ,wellness ,education and career goals. It involves keeping people make needed changes in ways of thinking, feeling and behaving and is goal based collaborative process involving a non judgemental supportive counsellor.
School counselling aims to support all students in terms of maximizing opportunities for academic achievement ,ensuring emotional well being, and advocating for students in general.
The School Counselling and Special Education Departments, aims to reduce children confusion, allowing them to make effective decisions leading to positive attitude and behaviors. Counsellor conducts programmes to facilitate overall development and conducive environment. Special Educator assist the Special needs of students to develop, fully according to their unique needs.
Broadly the department undertakes:


Career Guidance Helps students to fully engage in Career planning, guides students to understand and develop skills required to be successful in their future pathways. Career fair along with webinars are organized to facilitate students and parents for awareness, choosing a field in tune with their skills and their job expectations.
Counselling The Counselling cell aim is to enable students make their own choices, reach their own decisions and act upon them. To give a sense of direction and have a conducive environment, sessions and programs are facilitated for Students, Teachers and Parents.
Inclusive Education Inclusive education is about embracing all, making a commitment to do whatever it takes to provide each student in the community, an inalienable light to belong and not to be excluded. Efforts are made to provide equal access to education through specially designed programs for Unique Children.