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Counselling Sessions

Session for Parents

"Time Management is Life Management"
"Arranging, Organizing & Budgeting"time to accomplish any activity was the key mantra of the workshop organized by JKPS Counselling & Special education deptt. for the parents of class Pre-Primary to class 5 on "Time Management" during the month of September, 2020. Managing the time and schedule of children during this hard time of pandemic was the biggest challenge for parents, which was eased out by sharing different activities which could be carried out by parents to manage time in the effective manner and could be beneficial for students.

Session for Parents

"Resilience is the capacity of a system, enterprise or person to maintain its core purpose and integrity in the face of dramatically changed circumstance." Andrew Zolli
JKPS has not only extended its hand in helping its children but also extended its warmth to their respective parents on online mode by organizing workshop on "Emotional Resilience" during this unforeseen situation. The workshop was conducted by School Counsellor and Special Educator for the parents of class 6 to 12 in the month of July, 2020.
Workshop highlighted on developing the basics of mindfulness and positive psychology. It also enlightened parents to focus on developing self-confidence, self-esteem and also focusing on having a Me-Time to keep themselves resilient during this difficult time of pandemic. School counsellor along with computer department also took workshop for parents as well as students on Cybercrime & how to keep yourself safe during these online classes.

Session for Parents

" We cannot control everything that happens, but we can change our experience for those things."
Managing children during the initial times of lockdown was the biggest challenge for parents at home. To engage children in prolific activities & helping them to overcome their hyperactivities, JKPS Special education & counselling department came up with the workshop on virtual platform for the parents of class Pre-primary to class 5 on "Managing stress during lockdown"in the month of April, 2020. Activities to realize stress & anxiety in children were shared, like making mind jars, pitching pennies and other activities. The workshop was well appreciated & was very helpful for the parents.

Session for Class 1 Parents

A session with parents of class 1 was conducted on 21 December,2019 in the school auditorium by School Counsellor Dr.Gurleen Sawhney and Special Educator Mrs.Jyotsana Wadhwa. School Counsellor encouraged the parents to develop a bond with their children and also motivated them to share their feelings. She also encouraged to use technology in a positive way. Special Educator highlighted the problems faced by young ones in terms of reading and what different strategies could be used to overcome the problems related to it in grade one. She also discussed the benefits of regular reading for children.

Session on Anger Management

JKPS took an initiative in order to make the campus an “ anger free zone ” . Workshops were conducted on 17th January 2020 for the students and staff respectively. An interactive workshop was conducted by an eminent motivational speaker , Mr Ashwani Kumar Sharma in a bid to bring about positive change in the children. The students were given some important tips to control their anger in day to day situations, their queries were also addressed.
Subsequently , another workshop was conducted for the staff of JKPS . The session was addressed by Mrs. Vandana Tandon, an eminent speaker. Some valuable tips were given to the teachers on how to manage their own anger as well as that of the students . They were also guided to recognise what triggers anger and how to communicate feelings to others before a situation escalates. Overall it was a good experience for both the teachers and the students.