Investing in Knowledge


A robot is a machine receiving certain input by its user and aiming at giving a desired output for which it is specifically designed.But for kids it is more than a machine, it is a friend for them to play with and dance on their tunes.

Jaspal Kaur Public School has introduced ROBOTICS as after school classes on Tuesdays and Fridays to let our students, not only primary but secondary level too, to play and learn at the same time.

ROBOTICS is helping students of middle level to practically apply the physics concepts like friction, speed, torque, motion, force etc. learnt in their respective theory classes. Apart from aiding them with a platform to apply these concepts in a playful manner , it is also helping these students to trust the validity and use of what they are learning in their school books which is a must in the present scenario.

Whereas the students of secondary level who have already started with the programming basics in their theory classes are learning to automate their robot friends which apart from strengthening their programming concepts is also boosting their interest in computer based applications which is the demand of the hour.

Not only this but the latest invention of Avishkaar box, the two tiny robots Robby /Bonny are also keeping our young learners from primary level busy playing and learning the very basic concept for their journey of programming that is logic building.

All in all students are being trained right from the very first step of logic building to high end programming with the help of mind boggling, widely ranged products of Avishkaar box.

Foreign Languages

This academic year, JKPS has taken an efficacious step by introducing Foreign Language Classes for students of class 6th and class 7th. The school has collaborated with World Languages Centre, a renowned institution in the field of language teaching, to teach French and Spanish to its students.

The management is proud to assert that the initiative has been a huge success with the students showing tremendous improvement and curiosity in learning languages. While developing speaking, reading, writing and listening skills of their chosen foreign language, they are also enjoying the fun-rooted teaching methodology, praiseworthy for giving them a wholesome experience and making their learning more interactive and enjoyable by the use of music, stories and other activities. These are conducted by World Languages Centre which is a hub for excellent training in foreign languages. With its highly proficient faculty and latest infrastructure, the centre is a one-stop destination for languages' programmes, corporate trainings, translations and interpretation services.