JKPS organized an ‘IAYP’ adventurous trip to ‘BHOWALI’ in collaboration with rocksport from 8 th MAY’19 to 10 th MAY’19. As soon as we reached there, at the first sight, the views were awe inspiring. The beauty of the nature was at its peak. As the students arrived in the rocksport camp, beautiful tents could be seen giving them the feeling of true campers. Then they were introduced to rocksport instructors. There could have been no more kind hearted instructors than the instructors rocksport had. They were exceptionally well. They taught the students like their teachers, behaved like their parents and enjoyed with them like their best friends. Then they were divided into groups i.e. ‘POTATOES’ (led by TUSHAR SIR) and ‘TOMATOES’ (led by MANMOHAN SIR). The very first activity was ‘TENT BUILDING’ in which the students were taught how to build a tent, what places should be considered appropriate for tent building, what should be the material of the tent, etc. It was an unforgettable learning experience for all. The second activity was ‘NIGHT TREK’ which was one of the most thrilling activities. The students went in dark carrying a torch with them. The sound of the birds, the peace of nature and the thrill of darkness gave all the students goose bumps. The very next day, there were activities like ‘ROCK CLIMBING’ which taught the students how to climb a rock on their own. The instructors gave some valuable tips to the students and also shared some do’s and don’ts. The instructors motivated the students and filled them with confidence due to which all of them were able to do it. This gave them a lesson that if they have confidence, they can do anything. The next activity was ‘RAPPLING’ which taught the children how to climb down the rock. The tricks were simple such as maintain distance between legs, stand at 90 o at the rock, don’t panic, lean backwards and slowly leave the rope. In the beginning, some students were scared but eventually they could do it. This activity taught the students to be limitless. Then it was the time for ‘DAY TREK’ in which the students had to travel 5 to 6 km by foot and reach a place where they collectively cooked ‘maggie’. This activity taught the students the real meaning of teamwork and cooperation. Students were helping as well as motivating each other. THIS WAS THE END OF AN UNFORGETTABLE LEARNING EXPERIENCE AND A LIFETIME MEMORY FOR ALL THE STUDENTS.