Story Board Presentation

In 2050, when Rohit and his friend enter the classroom, they…

Classes :


No. of Participants per team :


Duration :

6 mins

(4 minutes for making of story board and 2 minutes for story narration)

Venue :

XII - C, D

Teacher Coordinators

Mrs. Sadhna Taneja


Mrs. Anukriti Arora


Every board tells a story. Create your own board and share a unique story. Let your story gather people and give them questions to think upon. Make a difference in the coming years as the future is yet in our power.


  1. Create the storyboard using readymade or self-created pictures related to the topic.
  2. Storyboard should consist of scenes.
  3. Use of invective language is strictly not allowed.
  4. Show only the positive aspects.
  5. Exceeding time limit would lead to negative marking.
  6. No material related to this event would be provided.
  7. Judgement Criteria- Presentation of Story Board, Content, Confidence and Expression.