Punjabi Folk Song

Cultural and Social Songs

Classes :


No. of Participants per team :


Duration :

4-5 mins

Venue :

Assembly Hall

Teacher Coordinators

Mrs. Manjit Kaur


Mrs. Sunakshi Kaur


“Folk Music is not so much a body of art as it is a process, an attitude and a way of life. “Its distinguishing features lie not within the songs themselves but in the relations of those songs to a folk culture.”


  1. Romantic songs , abusive or vulgar lyrics are not allowed.
  2. The team will be disqualified on exceeding the time limit.
  3. Dress code for girls is Punjabi suit and for boys is Kurta Pyjama with Turban.
  4. Maximum three of the following instruments are allowed to be used by the participants – Moracus, Dholak, Dhapholi, Khanjari, Harmonium and Tumbi.
  5. Judgement Criteria- Pronunciation, Expression, Rhythm and Melody.