Future's Cool

Next Century Futuristic School

Classes :


No. of Participants per team :


Duration :

4-5 mins

Venue :

Junior Computer Lab

Teacher Coordinators

Mrs. Namita Bakshi


Mrs. Sonia Verma


Welcome! Education in the 21st Century is most accurately represented as a journey of exploration. In order to prepare today’s students for success in life, schools must become “ 21st Century”.


  1. Participants will bring their PPT in pen drive in MS Office 7 compatible format.
  2. Participants will give their presentation with maximum 15 slides.
  3. Exceeding the time limit will lead to deduction of points.
  4. Participants should know the content of PPT and should not read while the slides are being displayed. Each participant should choose few slides and verbally express the same.
  5. Slides should be informative yet creative. Slides should not be text heavy and loaded with facts.
  6. Effective use of transition/design to make PPT visually attractive.
  7. No videos should be inserted
  8. PPT should not digress from the topic.
  9. Judgement Criteria- Creativity, Content, Presentation Skills and Relevance to the topic.