Auto Tech


Classes :


No. of Participants per team :


Duration :

3 mins

Venue :

Physics Lab

Teacher Coordinators

Miss. Ramneek Kapoor


Mrs. Ritu Angra


Automation can be defined as the technology by which a process or procedure is performed without human assistance. By 2050, world will see advancements in every domain of technology and automation will revolutionize the entire civilization of mankind. Let the younger minds visualize & dream how the world would be in 2050.

The participants are required to make presentation on automation depicting how it will revolutionize the future world.


  1. The team should make a presentation on any one of the following domains:
    • Home management
    • City management
    • Transport
    • Industry
    • Communication
  2. The participation team should have their presentation a) ready in their pen drives and b) should carry their laptops as well to avoid any software incompatibility.
  3. The presentation should include the live demonstration of any one of the automation discussed in the presentation. This should be an automation designed or prepared or fabricated by the team & not purchased from the market. The presentation can include a videography on the fabricated automation device or circuit or software and should display firstly how the device is fabricated and secondly, how it works.
  4. Exceeding time limit would result in negative marking.
  5. 5. The presentation will be followed by ‘Judges Interaction Round’.